Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Red Light Camera Expose

The Big Guy received a red light/camera ticket in the mail last weekend.  There was a clear view of his truck, rear plate and his handsome, unsuspecting face next to the issuing officer's signature.  The violation was a right turn on a red light without the mandatory pause.  Of course, there was his anticipated objection to the severity/accuracy of the accused offense.  However, following instructions to the website listed on the back of the ticket, I pulled up his video spotlighting the intersection and scene of his infraction.  As I expected, there was no evidence of brake lights being applied as he sailed smoothly through the turn.  Days later a coworker shared with me that a friend of hers actually divorced her husband over a red light/camera ticket.  A ticket and subsequent fine is upsetting, but not reasonable grounds to end a marriage.  The camera caught this lady's husband doing more than just misbehaving behind the wheel.  Seated next to him was his girlfriend.  Ouch!  Thinking about it later, I wondered just how often that very situation is repeated.....The recipients of red light camera tickets are unaware that their infraction was captured on video until notice arrives in the mail, same as a private investigator hired to catch evidence of a wayward spouse.   

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